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  • Jayden Whitworth

Visiting Grand Designs Live 2024

Members of the Group Marketing team visited Grand Designs Live last week at the Excel London. With some of our Group’s B2C product lines targeting UK homeowners it’s important that we continue to gather valuable information and industry insights.

The bi-annual event dedicated to UK homeowners invites exhibitors to showcase their product lines as well as offering a comprehensive seminar schedule, with talks about colour, design and sustainability to support self-build and renovation projects.

Continuing our sustainability learning

Sustainability was once again a major talking point across the event with seminars and discussions taking place about how businesses can be more sustainable and how homeowners can shift the way they renovate to be more environmentally conscious.

‘Green Living Live’ is an event that is co-located with Grand Designs Live. It showcases eco-friendly products and services and offers expert advice from industry leaders.

A sign at Grand Designs Live

We attended a discussion with Kate Sandhu, renovation expert, and Matthew Freeman, director of Freeman Studio, about how you can renovate your home more sustainably. The talk was packed out with people eager to learn more about how they can be more sustainable in their decision-making process.

Our product portfolio, across our operating businesses, focusses on longevity and ensuring the material you invest in is fit for purpose and will last a long time without the need for replacing or repairing.

With sustainability at the heart of the Group ethos and our ongoing commitment to a cleaner future, it was very insightful to further our understanding of sustainability and understand the hot topics of discussion from a homeowner’s perspective. See Limited are committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 and attending events like this help us to remain educated on a subject that is continuously evolving and enhancing.

These learnings can be passed on to our operating businesses, Inspired Surfaces, Performance Panels, and Bousfields, as our journey to Net Zero remains a daily conversation at the heart of our Group activities.

Keeping on top of industry trends at Grand Designs Live

As a Group we want to stay on top of industry trends and stay ahead of the curve. During our visit to Grand Designs Live we learned about the latest colour insights from Dulux.

The reoccurring theme from the seminar was that Stephanie King, the creative lead at Dulux, was challenging homeowners to be braver when applying colour to their homes. Stephanie suggested that homeowners should trial different colour combinations that may not appear like they work at first sight, but once applied in clever ways to your home interior, they can create eye-catching aesthetics.

The Grand Designs Magazine Theatre at Grand Designs Live

As members of Colour Hive we stay on top of the latest colour and design trends in the industry and invest our learnings across our operating businesses.

These visits enable us to maintain connections within the creative industry, ensuring that our operating businesses, Inspired Surfaces, Performance Panels, and Bousfields, remain at the forefront and have the insight to help our customers in fulfilling their project design needs.

Our journey to Net Zero 2030

Working with our environmental consultants, EcoAct, we annually record and measure our carbon footprint across all of our operating businesses. The report ensures that full transparency is shared to all Group shareholders as well as providing a framework to identify areas of improvement, validating internal initiatives to implement in order to drive down our carbon emissions.

Partnering with EcoAct helps to further our understanding, while also giving us reassurance and validation in our sustainability efforts. To learn more about our Group’s vision visit our ‘About Us’ page.

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