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About Us

See Limited, based in Corby, Northamptonshire is a group holding company responsible for the coordination, guidance, and support of a trio of operating businesses: Inspired Surfaces, Performance Panels and Bousfields; involved in the supply, distribution and fabrication of wood veneer and decorative laminate panels.

As an SME in one of the UK’s biggest industries we might be considered small, but our plans on making a difference to the environment are big!

To demonstrate our sustainability commitment and to further our understanding on a subject that continues to evolve, we partnered with established environmental consultants, EcoAct, to guide us on our journey.


Since 2019, working with EcoAct, we annually record and measure our CO₂ impact through our business operations for the previous year. The report ensures that full transparency is shared to all shareholders as well as providing a framework to identify areas of improvement, validating internal initiatives to implement in order to drive down our carbon emissions.

Image: Serene London square with lush green trees juxtaposed against towering glass buildings.



Driving a Green Agenda

In 2016, a new management team lead by CEO Robert Thompson, revitalized the Group and began driving a green agenda, aimed at improving our carbon footprint and encouraging sustainable practices across the operating businesses with the ambition to be Net Zero by 2030.

“ Be prepared to embrace change and evolution but continue to draw upon your past experiences “

Robert Thompson CEO 


Net Zero Team 

A team of internal stakeholders, referred to as the Net Zero Team, that provide representation across the Group meet on a bimonthly basis driving the implementation of our new environmental initiatives. As a Group we are passionate about sustainability and it’s important that this core value is at the heart of our employee culture.

With employees in our Net Zero Team responsible for the rollout of our initiatives, sustainability is a daily topic of conversation across the Group, increasing awareness of our actions, as well as generating new ideas as part of our journey to achieve Net Zero by 2030.

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